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Design style chooser

This page will help you to choose and build your design style for your page. It can be used by web designer to help their customers in selecting a style for their website.

Select the color you like for each element below: Title, border, background, text and links:

Web browsers can only directly display 216 colors. These will all have Hex (Hexadecimal) Values, a combination of either 00, 33, 66, 99, CC or FF. For example pure red is #FF0000 and pure blue is #0000FF. Other colors are rendered using a process called “Dithering“.

Dithering is when a web browser attempts to match a color not in its pallette by ‘Mixing’ other colors. The result can appear speckled and when used in a GIF file, dithering can severly increase the file size. It is therefore recommended that you stick with the native browser pallette displayed in the tables below. – Color picker


Choose your colors for each page element

Border Title
Background Text


Here are different styles of link:

StandardYellowpipeOverline On Mouse OverChange color On Mouse OverChange background On Mouse Over

Bold On Mouse OverUppercase On Mouse OverItalic On Mouse OverBorder On Mouse Over

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