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Autorun CD File Generator

You need to create an autorun file when you burn CDs to have the CD automatically start like the professional applications.

Autorun.inf files allow the cd’s you create to automatically launch an application when the cd is inserted in the cd player.

This freeware utility will assist you in the creation of Autorun.inf files. Additionally, you can assign the cd drive a label and icon

from within the autorun.inf file.

Fill in the fields replacing the default values with your own ones. Save it on your desktop and paste it with your file to burn. Need help to create your Autorun file?

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File to run*:

 *    The file that you want Autorun to start (exe, html, bat, …)


CD drive icon:

   Your custom icon (Can be left blank)


Drive Label:

   The label for the drive (Can be left blank)



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  • Autorun.inf Maker is a free software that helps you create autorun files. You can download it here: Autorun.inf Maker by Ashzfall.
  • If you want your Autorun file to launch an HTML page, you will need to download Browser Call Application.



-Simply place the file you create with this Autorun.inf creator in the root directory of your cd with you other files.

-Place your custom icon, if you have one, in the same directory.

Note: Both the Autorun.inf file and you icon file (myicon.ico or myicon.bmp) have to be in the root directory of your CD, NOT in any other folder.


GOOD: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\MyCD\Autorun.inf

     and: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\MyCD\myicon.ico

     and: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\MyCD\all-my-other-files-and-folders-to-burn

WRONG: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\MyCD\folder\Autorun.inf

       and: C:\Documents and Settings\username\Desktop\MyCD\myicon.ico







Should you need to specify files in a sub-directory on the cd drive for any entry, you must enter the path in the following format: dir\file.ext



or: editor\text\textedit.exe

or: main\myicon.ico



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