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4 SEO Tools Everyone Should Be Using in 2020

Online tools and plugins every webmaster should have in their arsenal    Looking for the best SEO tools to use right now? You’re in luck!  Many people try to improve their website SEO and think it’s impossible without spending a fortune. The good news is you can do most of the ...

Nov 24, 2020 . By Holden Harris

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4 Mistakes That Hurt Your SEO Score

Beginner’s mistakes to avoid for higher search engine rankings   Trying to find what’s hurting your SEO score? Don’t feel bad! Many like yourself are scratching their heads, wondering what's negatively affecting their website’s search engine rankings. The good news is that we ...

Nov 20, 2020 . By Holden Harris

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5 Easy Tricks for Better Website SEO

Standfirst: Boost your website SEO and increase your traffic in minutes    Are you look for easy ways to improve your website SEO and boost your traffic? You’ve come to the right place! Many like yourself have discovered the wonders of search engine optimization but aren’t sure ...

Nov 10, 2020 . By Holden Harris

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How To Make Your SEO Reports More Useful

Data alone is meaningless. Here are a couple of ways to turn it into actionable advice for your boss and your clients.   Have you ever been in a data presentation conference room? It’s probably the most boring thing in the world, next to waiting at the DMV.   There’s monotone...

Oct 31, 2020 . By Helmi Hafsi

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How To Use SEO To Build A Solid Brand

Helping Google see your brand as an attractive one is a great first step to ensuring sustainability. Read on to discover two major factors which will build your brand through SEO.   More than five billion searches have been conducted on Google, today alone.   If that’s not a go...

Oct 25, 2020 . By Helmi Hafsi


Google: From A Search Engine To An Answer Engine?

The digital world is changing into an answer economy; users are expecting direct answers to complex questions and marketers need to understand this trend and prepare for it What’s an answer engine? Answer engines are essentially search engines specialized in answering user questions. Through ...

Oct 21, 2020 . By Helmi Hafsi

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Google’s Official Update On The Recent Indexing Bugs

Progress is being made to resolve the two major bugs effecting indexing   As of late September, many publishers and site owners have been facing a big problem with their indexing. They discovered that all of a sudden, their homepages had dropped out of the Google Index for no identi...

Oct 13, 2020 . By Helmi Hafsi


The Pros and Cons Of Newsjacking: What You Need To Know

Newsjacking has become a popular trend in the online world. While 'jacking' has negative connotations, the term isn't a black-hat practice. If you’re new to this concept and want to learn more about it, this article will give you a run down of the pros and cons of newsjacking and what you need to ...

Oct 1, 2020 . By Emma Calley