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Crystal Earth On Stock market Graph - Global Economy Concept

How Is The State Of The Global Economy Affecting The Marketing World?

The world is in a recession and marketing is not safe from it. However, COVID-19 may save the day Have you ever wondered how hard the advertising world has b...

News , Content , More , . Oct 21, 2020

Google: From A Search Engine To An Answer Engine?

The digital world is changing into an answer economy; users are expecting direct answers to complex questions and marketers need to understand this trend and pr...

Google VS Publishers: Is The War Coming To An End?

Following a massive investment, Google is partnering up with news publishers to create an ‘enhanced storytelling experience’   Over the recent years...

News , Content , More , . Oct 18, 2020


6 Things To Avoid To Keep Google From Banning Your Web Stories

A few tips to keep the ban hammer from landing on your Web Stories In a recent article, we explained what Web Stories are and how you can take advantage of the...

News , Content , More , . Oct 18, 2020

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Web Stories Are Soon To Be On Google Discover

Google is expanding another traffic source that marketers can use  What are Web Stories?   Formerly known as AMP stories, Web Stories are a highly interact...

Content , More , News , . Oct 13, 2020

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Google’s Official Update On The Recent Indexing Bugs

Progress is being made to resolve the two major bugs effecting indexing   As of late September, many publishers and site owners have been facing a big ...

SEO , More , News , . Oct 13, 2020

Female vlogger holding sports shoes in hands happily looking in camera while recording video for blog. Focus on camera with social media influencer reviewing and marketing a sports shoe.

Are Videos The Future Of Marketing?

This engaging medium is taking over social media advertising   Consumption of video content has been slowly increasing over the years. If you look at F...

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Instagram Reels: Why You Should Start Using Them Now

Instagram’s answer to TikTok is quickly gaining momentum   In early August, Instagram (IG) launched a new video feed feature on their platform c...

Social , More , News , . Oct 12, 2020