About Yellow Pipe

Yellow Pipe is an online publication dedicated to digital marketing, with a particular interest in search and SEO. The site aims to be a valuable resource for all those with an interest in the field, whether they’re experienced marketers or just beginning to dip their toe into the digital waters.  

The Yellow Pipe domain originally belonged to a Seattle-based web hosting company. They were a host of choice for many well-known small and mid-sized businesses, offering high uptime and 24/7 support. In addition to hosting, Yellow Pipe also offered expert consulting and web design services, along with a wide range of other digital solutions. Most notably, they had a range of free webmaster tools—among the first available online. 

Yellow Pipe is now owned by SEO trailblazers, Aaron and Tristan Gray, from NO-BS Marketplace. The brothers purchased the domain before it dropped, recognising the value offered by the site’s extensive range of webmaster tools. Their goal is to continue offering these tools to the public free of charge, and transform the site into a hub of digital marketing news and information.